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Ectopic pregnancy

I was 26 years old and decided with my husband that it is now the right time to have a baby. My next trip to Tesco, I saw pregnacare pre conception multivitamins and was so happy to buy them and start taking it the same day. And guess what? I was so surprised to find out next month that I have missed my period and I might be pregnant. I went on to buy the pregnancy tests and was amazed to see the different types of test available. Clearblue could even tell that how long it has been since conception.

I took the test next morning and it said negative. I thought maybe it is just a false alarm by my body and my periods will start soon. I waited for another week before I took my second test. This test came back positive and we were so happy. Next day I went to my family physician and booked the hospital and my appointments. I never thought that it is such an easy and simple thing. I move my pre conception multivitamins to pregnancy ones and started to take more rest and eat healthy.

I was now almost 8 weeks pregnant when I started to experience some lower abdomen pain and I called my doctor who advised that it is very common to experience this symptom. And I should just carry as normal and take good care of myself. My pain did not subside and kept on increasing every single day until I reached a point where it was unbearable. I rushed to Emergency where they referred me to early pregnancy unit and have been booked an appointment for next morning.

It was our first time to experience early pregnancy unit and we were told to wait outside for a midwife. Once we were called in, she informed us that I need to go through an ultrasound scan to find out what is happening. And the earliest available is on Monday as it is weekend. She told me to take paracetamol and go back home. I felt so helpless and vulnerable. I lied on bed for weekend and started reading about all the things that can happen with these symptoms.

On Monday, we went for a scan and I was informed that I have ectopic pregnancy. This means that the embryo is not planted at the right location and is outside of uterus. My moment of joy turned into sorrow within few seconds. I asked what should I do now and if you would be able to move it in right location (so naive in my thinking and so desperate to get it right). I was told to be admitted straightaway or else it would be dangerous for me. I lost one of my tubes in the process. I felt so depressed and living without any purpose for few months.

I started connecting with my friends again and felt a little better. I learnt

from sharing my experience that people around me have gone through worst than me and that created a positive hope for me. After 6 months of recovery, we decided to try again and were blessed with baby boy. We have two boys now and they both are best friends.

If you can relate yourself with my story and would like to connect, please contact at and add Jofmums-Ectopic in your subject.

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